Mundorf Mresist Ultra 3-30 Watt 1,2 Ohm

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Mundorf Mresist Ultra 3-30 Watt
  • TO218/247 housing 
  • RM 25.4 mm 
  • Made in Germany 
  • hand-trimmed to ±1% tin-coated copper contacts 
  • mounted on copper bearer 
  • 0.01Ω- 47Ω 
  • 500VAC 
  • ±30ppm/K 3 Watt 30W when attached to a heat-sink (optional) 
  • the audible result convinces with an up-to-date unknown cleaness and transparency.
The development of our MRes Ultra Resistor is based on the well-known good tonal properties of copper-manganin foil. Compared to all wound-wire resistors, this film provides an order of magni-tude lower inductance. Copper is significantly softer than the metal-oxide used for MOX resistors. The natural resonances of the copper-manganin foil are therefore significantly less pronounced, which means that distortions caused by crystallurgy and electroacoustics are significantly reduced here. That is why resistors of this design have secured a top position among audio components in recent years: They lack many of the distortions inherent in other resistor designs. In cooperation with a company specialized on high-quality laboratory resistances, the most acoustically balanced one was determined for the MRes Ultra among a large number of film and foil resistors as the basis for further development. In a further, very extensive development cycle, the micro-mechanical distortions generated by the feedback of electro-mechanical vibrations and mi-crophony were minimized. For this purpose, the mechanical structure of the resistor was damped, among other things, by using heavier and more sluggish copper instead of aluminum as the carrier plate. A whole range of adhesives and insulation materials have been tested from a micro-acoustic point of view and optimized in their interaction, so that the total micro-electroacoustic distortion of the MResUltra is significantly below the level of other resistances available on the market. As a result, fewer music details are lost in the electro-mechanical vibrations of the electrical signal, hence the very instrument’s and human voices’ properties as well as their life-like staging are present in an up-to-date unknown cleaness.

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