Mundorf M-CAP ZN 100-630 V 1,5 uF/250 V

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Tinfoil capacitor MCap-ZN 250
The MCap-ZN is a tinfoil capacitor of the highest class. Solid tinfoil, together with high grade polypropylene as dielectric, are used in its manufacture. This massive tin layer improves the sound properties in unexpected ways: Because of the great weight of the tinfoil and the resulting mass inertia, oscillation of the foil and the accompanying microphonic effect are effectively prevented. Similarly to the vacuum impregnation which we provide for choke coils, this fact leads to an increase in transparency and spatial quality. The loss angle tan d at 1 kHz is ten times smaller than that for a normal MKP capacitor. It is only 0.00002 at 1 kHz and a mere 0.00001 at 10 kHz. This makes this capacitor incredibly quick and lively. Both of these mean a genuine innovation. The MCap-ZN is a milestone on the road to perfect music reproduction!

Technical Specifications:
Dielectric: Polypropylen
Voltage Rating: 250 VDC
Thickness of tinfoil, 7µm
Tolerance: ± 2%, typ. 1%
Loss angel tan δ = 0.00002 bei 1kHz, 0.00001 bei 10 kHz
Dimension D x L/mm: 21*39

Technical drawing

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