Accuton - Low-Midrange

Since 1994 the Thiel & Partner GmbH is developing, designing, producing and distributing under the registred trademark accuton® high quality loudspeaker made of stiff membrane materials like ceramics, diamond and aluminium sandwich. It is our declared aim to be the provider of the constractional and phonetical best dynamic speaker drivers on the market. We also provide our customers an extensive support and collaboration in areas like case construction, design of the crossover and implemantation of electronic components.
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Overall Dimensions (mm)
Total Q (Qts)
Impedance (Ohm)
Resonance fs (Hz)
Sound pressure (SPL)

The starting base for the cone production is a thin aluminum foil, which is completely oxidized in a proprietary process and converted into alpha-corundum by a special burning process. For this purpose, the aluminum foil is thermoformed into the desired shape and placed in an anodising bath after special heat treatment. This procedure makes the light silvery pure aluminum convert completely into brittle, largely amorphous aluminum oxide of dark gray color. In a three-stage combustion process with temperatures of up to 1,450 ° C, the Al²O³ molecules are rearranged in an alpha-corundum lattice. This process causes a 7% volume increase and successive pore channel formation in the nanometer range. The end product is a snow-white and extremely hard cone which can be cut into shape with a CO² laser. From now on, a mechanical processing is no longer possible.