Wavecor TW030WA06 4 OHM

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TW030WA06/08 with ferro fluid
30 mm chambered textile tweeter, 4/8 ohm

Real high-end tweeter design with extremely low resonance frequency and distortion.
Thanks to the extensive internal venting between three internal cavities no air inside is trapped. This feature extends the usable frequency range downwards to an extend very rarely found on tweeters.
Adding the high power handling this tweeter is the natural candidate for high-end 2-way speaker systems.

Key features:
  • Precision-coated textile diaphragm for improved consistency and high-frequency extension
  • Extreme internal venting through pole, voice coil former, and top plate to 3 internal chambers
  • Copper-clad aluminium voice coil wire offering lower moving mass for improved efficiency and transient response
  • Reflection-free rear chamber design with solid reinforcement ribs
  • Large ferrite magnet for improved efficiency and transient response
  • With or without high-stability light ferro fluid
  • Flexible lead wires for higher power handling and larger excursion
  • Black anodized magnet structure for increased power handling and reduced power compression
  • Gold plated terminals to prevent oxidation for long-term reliable connection
  • Delivered with EVA gasket attached for hassle-free mounting and secure cabinet sealing

Short data

Usage as Tweeter
Power Handling 60 Watt
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency from 1500 Hz
Max. Frequency 25 kHz
Sound pressure 91 dB


Overall dimensions 115 mm
Baffle cutout 93 mm
Depth (Total) 43 mm
Front material Plastic
Membrane Type Dome
Membrane Material Textile coated
Voice coil Ø 30.4 mm
Voice coil height 1.7 mm
Air gap height 2.5 mm
Air gap filling Ferrofluid
Magnet-weight 260 g


Resonance fs fs: 450 Hz
Mechanical Q Qms: 1.2
Electrical Q Qes: 1.01
Total Q Qts: 0.55
Equivalent Air-Volumen Vas: 0.059 Liter
DC-Resistance Re: 3.4 Ohm
Coil Inductance Le: 0.02 mH
Mech. Compliance Cms: 0.3 mm/N
Moving Mass Mms: 0.42 g
Max. Excursion +/- Xmax: 0.4 mm
BL Product Bl: 2 N/A
Membrane Ø Md: 30
Membrane Area Sd: 11.5 cm²
Sound pressure dB: 91 SPL



Technical drawing

PDF-Product information

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