Cayin C9 Reference Portabel Headphones Amplifier

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Cayin C9 Reference Portabel Headphones Amplifier

Fully symmetrical, completely discrete 4-channel high-fidelity headphone amplifier with output power of up to 4,100 mW (into 16Ω) or 2,600 mW (into 32Ω) per channel.

The highlight of the C9, in addition to the extremely complex electronic and mechanical structure, is undoubtedly its timbre influencing by switching between a transistor and a tube output stage.
  • Optional vacuum tube or solid-state circuit on the symmetrical and asymmetrical inputs.
  • The tube circuit is constructed using a pair of KORG Nutube vacuum tubes.
  • Selectable gain modes: Pure Class A and Class AB.
  • Dual input mode: Regular LINE input mode or PRE-Amp input mode (pure power amplifier mode).
  • 3.5 mm SE and 4.4 mm BAL input and output sockets, the mplifier also converts BAL to SE and vice versa.
  • 4-channel ALPS potentiometer with a pair of electronic stereo volume controls.
  • Removable battery module containing four user-replaceable Sony18650 lithium-ion batteries.
  • We offer a high-quality protective cover as an accessory for the C9
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