Teac AX-501 Amplifier XLR, black (checked return)

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Integrated amplifier, full black incl. sides (checked return) 

'Fully-balanced' analog circuitry pre-amp, high power digital amp and XLR balanced inputs

A Truly Smart and High-Quality Hi-Fi System
  • ABLETEC Class-D Power Amplifier with Maximum Available Output of 120 W + 120 W (4Ohms)
  • XLR Balanced Input Terminals for UD-501 or other USB DACs
  • Fully-balanced Circuitry to Eliminate Unwanted Analog Circuit Noise
  • CCLC System for High Linearity Headphone Output
  • Large capacity Toroidal-Core Power Transformer
  • Carefully Designed Hardware Accommodates any High-Standard Listening Environment
  • No Cooling-Fan, for Quiet Operation
  • Full-metal jacket. Gorgeous aluminum panels for front top and sides. Small footprint fits your desktop
  • A Large Number of Inputs Allow users to integrate Full-Scale Hi-Fi systems
  • Well-Designed User Interface

Technical data
  • Power supply
  • Model for Europe AC220-240V,50Hz
  • Model for USA/Canada AC120V,60Hz
  • Power consumption 68W
  • Dimensions 290mm×81.2mm×264mm (11 1/2 × 3 1/4 × 10 1/2) (W × H × D including protrusions)
  • Weight 4.0 kg (9 lb)
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