Cocktail Audio - Streamer

The Korean manufacturer Cocktail Audio has earned an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of audio streamers or audio servers. The Micro System X 12 is the entry and offers a variety of functions at the smallest space. Combined with active or passive speakers it forms a flexible and powerful hi-fi system. The larger X30 provides enhanced feature s set and an excellent sounding and powerful integrated amplifier. Connecting a high-quality speaker pair results in a high quality hi-fi system with a nearly unlimited variety of functions. The top of the line is the model X40. In contrast to the other models it is offered without a power amplifier. Instead, it provides a high class pre amplifier with asymmetric and symmetric outputs. On the input side it offers a large variety of connectivity options including a high-quality phono input. His ES9018K2M Sabre³² reference DAC can process almost all data formats which are offered in the field of high-resolution audio market. And last but not least the sound of the X40 sets new standards even far beyond its price.
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