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Vacuum impregnation for coils with 2.0mm enameled wire

In non-impregnated coils, vibration occurs as a result of the current flowing through the coil. The microphonic effect, i.e. the conversion of mechanical into electric oscillations, adds these oscillations back to the original signal as additional information. In this way, details of the original signal are overlaid and rendered unrecognisable. The music loses spatial quality and transparency. This process is prevented by vacuum impregnation.
In vacuum impregnation, the coil is first impregnated with a special lacquer under vacuum. Because of the vacuum, this lacquer flows right into the innermost windings. The lacquer is subsequently dried in an oven at 130 øC. Thus the whole coil is baked into a very solid unit. The individual windings are prevented from vibrating and the original signal remains uncorrupted.
Vacuum impregnation preserves musical details which give the music natural liveliness and an excellent spatial quality. It is thus an important component for a really audiophile reproduction of music.

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