IT I-Core Coil i130

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A coil with very extreme power handling, consisting of granular aligned silicon sheet iron with high saturation current. Best for professional use.
These high-power-handling inductors offer extremely low distortion, well below 0.1% at their rated power, typically 0.01% - 0.05% (100 Hz - 5KHz)

Wirediameter Ø: 1,32 mm
Copper pureness: > 99.99 %
Insulation: Type V Enamel.
Coilbodymaterial: Polyamid
Core type: Bar-core made from grain-oriented silicon iron laminations.
Dimensional stability: 85°C.
L-Measured value: Nom. 25° C and 1 kHz
L-Tolerance: +/- 5%.
Connecting leads: 50mm; last 20mm left uninsulated.
Coil in Polyurethan resin impregnated

Available Values from: 2,70 - 4,70 mH
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