Mundorf Zero OHM Coil N 250

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Zero Ohm coil N 250

The Zero-Ohm-Coil (ZOC) is a special form of transformer core coil.This is also made of the top quality material FERON. In the ZOC, an air gap is calibrated and adjusted by hand between the two laminated cores (one I-shaped and one E-shaped). The air gap determines the inductivity of the coil and demands great care in the manufacturing process. It must not be too small, as saturation effects would otherwise occur at high loadings. The high production complexity of the ZOC is always justifi ed when maximum faithfulness in pulse reproduction is required. With our ZOC, internal resistances are possible that cannot be achieved with other coils. Vacuum impregnation is absolutely recommended for zero-ohm-coils because it increases yet further the audible quality, making the most of the product engineering.

Technical specifications:
Wire Ø: 2,50 mm
Core material: FERON
Grain-oriented silicon iron 0.35 mm
OFC-Copper 99.99% pure

Available Values from: 3,90 - 33,0 mH

Technical drawing

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