Gradient GAM-100 AIR Motion Transformer

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GAM-100 AIR Motion Transformer

Isodynamic Acoustic Motion Tweeter - 8 Ohm

Isodynamic and Airmotion tweeters. The AT tweeters are based on air motion technology for the most demanding high-end applications. This AMT ensure a neutral and detailed sound. In addition, the large membrane surface and low weight allow a high sound pressure without large amplitudes. Tweeters with outstanding sound characteristics. With the GAM 100 we have an isodynamic tweeter with a very high level in the range. It is predestined to create sound with powerful speakers above 93 dB SPL.

Short data

Usage as Tweeter
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 1800 Hz
Sound pressure 97 dB


Overall dimensions 100x100x6 mm
Baffle cutout 80 mm
Depth (Total) 10 mm


Resonance fs fs: 2150 Hz
DC-Resistance Re: 6 Ohm
Coil Inductance Le: 0.03 mH
Membrane Area Sd: 3 cm²
Sound pressure dB: 97 SPL

Cumulative Spectral Decay


Harmonic Distortions


Technical Dimensions

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