Monacor MHD 152 PPA mid-high range horn speaker

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Monacor MHD 152 PPA mid-high range horn speaker
  • Linear frequency response
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics for a wide range of PA applications
  • Robust diecast aluminium horn
  • Replacement voice coil MHD-152/VC is available at option

Hobby HiFi 03/2014

“The MHD-152 is a very good tweeter horn system available at an attractive price which impresses with a wide transmission range and, thanks to a titanium cone, is able to provide a sound pressure up to 20 kHz (e.g. in the speaker building concept HiFi-PA 10/2). The HiFi-PA 20/2 provided a breathtaking performance in the audio room. ... tremendous level reservers ... incredibly filigree.”

  • Impedance (Z): 8 Ω
  • Frequency range: fx-20,000 Hz
  • Resonant frequency (fs): 1.5 kHz
  • Rec. crossov. frequ. (fmax.) (12 dB/oct.): 3.5 kHz
  • Power rating (RMS): 75 W
  • Peak music power output (MAX): 150 W
  • SPL: 105 dB/W/m
  • Radiation angle: 40°/90°
  • Voice coil diameter: Ø 34.5 mm
  • Magnet diameter: Ø 80 mm
  • Mounting cutout: 237 x 83 mm
  • Mounting depth: 220 mm
  • Dimensions: 268 x 112 x 210 mm
  • Width: 268 mm
  • Height: 112 mm
  • Depth: 210 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
  • Weight: 1.165 kg
  • Packing unit: 1
  • Packing dimensions (W x H x L): 0.31 x 0.115 x 0.245 m
  • Gross weight: 1.408 kg
  • Net weight: 1.165 kg
  • Replacement voice coil: MHD-152/VC

Short data

Usage as Mid-Highrange
Power Handling 75 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 3.5 Hz
Max. Frequency 20 kHz
Sound pressure 105 dB


Overall dimensions 268 x 112 mm
Baffle cutout 237 x 83 mm
Depth (Total) 220 mm
Membrane Type Horn
Voice coil Ø 34.5 mm
Magnet Ø Ø 80 mm


Resonance fs fs: 1500 Hz

Frequency amd Impedance

Technical Drawing

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