Monacor Aspera Mk III Stand Speaker Kit without Cabinet

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Monacor Aspera Mk III Stand Speaker Kit without Cabinet

A box with pep, not just for pop

Wanted: A loudspeaker that is inexpensive, easy to build, stable enough for a small party, suitable for any music material, has a strong bass even without a subwoofer, is compact enough for any room size, is uncritical to set up and is also, if possible, attractive.

Found: the ASPERA.

Undoubtedly one of the most frequently built construction proposals from the MONACOR INTERNATIONAL range, this concept is exactly the right loudspeaker for everyone who just wants to enjoy listening to music, preferably from morning to evening and on all occasions and not highly focused on the “Sweet Spot” tied in the stereo triangle. There may be moments when the “higher” classes of hi-fi speakers can score points with a little more tonal balance, even more dynamic capability and an even more realistic spatial representation of an orchestra.

Only for the hi-fi enthusiast is this worth the additional effort - everyone else can find their favorite loudspeaker with the ASPERA/MK3 with the further optimized crossover circuit. Not a cheap one, but the right one!

Parts list scope of delivery
  • Bass-midrange driver 2 pieces SPH-130
  • Tweeter 1 piece DT-100
  • Crossover:
  • L1 1 x LSIP-150
  • L2 1 x LSIP-39/2
  • C1 1 x LSC-150NP
  • C2 1 x MKTA-47
  • C3 1 x MKTA-68
  • C4 1 x MKTA-27
  • R1 1 x LSR-56/10
  • R2 1 x LSR-47/10
  • R3 1 x LSR-68/10
  • Terminal 1 x ST-955G
  • Insulation wool 2 x MDM-2
  • Screws 2 x MZF-8614 (PU = 16)
  • Bass reflex tube 1 x MBR-70 (180mm total length)
Hardware store parts list (not included in delivery)
  • Speaker cable 3 m, 2-wire
Wood cutting:
  • MDF 19mm
  • Side walls 2 pieces 980 x 250 mm
  • Front/back wall 2 pieces 942 x 132 mm
  • Base/lid 2 pieces 250 x 132 mm
  • Stiffening strip 1 piece 212 x 50 mm
  • Stiffening strip 1 piece 132 x 50 mm


Frequency and Impedance

Technical Drawing

PDF-Product information

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