Monacor Kodex Stand Speaker Kit without Cabinet

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Monacor Kodex Stand Speaker Kit without Cabinet
Hi-Fi without compromise

Every now and then it's time to explore the limits of what is possible!

When it comes to DIY loudspeaker suggestions - and even more so with ready-made loudspeakers - this quickly leads to speakers with flagship character and almost unaffordable effort.
The former certainly applies to the CODE. The fact that the effort remains realistic is, so to speak, in the nature of a proposal from MONACOR INTERNATIONAL.

Nevertheless, the KODEX is not a classic beginner's kit, but is more likely to be at least partially a final solution - of course only until you feel like building again.

Until then, the reward for the effort is a dream loudspeaker that does so many things right that you will be fascinated again and again. Whether modern music material at a realistic volume or classical music with a captivatingly reproduced spatiality, the virtues of the KODEX are always present.

The enormous bandwidth, low distortion at the highest level, endless dynamics, perfect tonality that really shows even the smallest differences in the timbres - you can expect all of these characteristics. At the same time, you build more than the sum of these values. With the KODEX you can build a large loudspeaker. The concept of the KODEX is a 3-way double bass D'Appolito arrangement in a housing that was developed as a borderline case between transmission line and bass reflex system. This results in a minimum of modulation distortion in the midrange, an optimally stable radiation pattern and a deep bass foundation that is built with a precision that is unattainable with much smaller speakers. When the damping is correctly adjusted to the room (more on this later), the KODEX sometimes sounds downright slim and surprisingly dry, until a real low-frequency signal is reproduced that really shakes the walls (and that you don't even notice with many other speakers).

The chassis used by MONACOR are selected according to a simple principle: always only the best! Of course the best for this purpose. An MSH-116/4 may seem simple at first glance; In a dual arrangement above high-tech 20 cm basses like the current long-throw carbon diaphragm chassis SPH-225C, there are probably no more superior drivers. Perfect is just perfect. The team is then complete with the 28 mm silk dome DT-28N. You don't need more than one such tweeter with very deep usability, high efficiency and unlimited brilliance to build a high-fidelity loudspeaker for exclusive demands.

Parts list scope of delivery
  • Woofer 2 pieces SPH-225C
  • Midrange 2 pieces MSH-116/4
  • Tweeter 1 piece DT-28N
  • L1 1 x LSI-82T
  • L2-3 2 x LSI-82T
  • L4 1 x LSIP-56
  • L5 1 x LSI-82T
  • L6 1 x LSIP-39/1
  • C1 1 x LSC-680NP+
  • C2 1 x MKTA-330
  • C3 1 x LSC-1000NP+
  • C4 1 x LSC-1800NP (or LSC-1500NP + LSC-330NP in parallel)
  • C5 1 x MKTA-680
  • C6 1x MKTA-82
  • C7 1 x MKTA-10
  • C8 1 x MKPA-47
  • C9 1 x MKPA-15
  • R1-3 3 x LSR-120/20
  • R4-5 2x LSR-56/20
  • R6 1 x LSR-120/20
  • R7 1 x LSR-33/20
  • R8 1 x LSR-180/20
  • R9 1 x LSR-56/20
  • Terminal 1 x ST-960GM
  • Insulation 0.5 x MDM-40 + 4 MDM-2
  • Screws 12 x MZF-8615 (PU=16)
  • Screws 16 x MZF-8614 (PU=16)
Hardware store parts list (not included)
  • Speaker cable 4 m, 2-wire
Wood cutting
MDF 19mm
  • Front wall 1 piece 950 x 235 mm
  • Rear wall 1 piece 1100 x 235 mm
  • Base 1 piece 401 x 235 mm
  • Lid 1 piece 382 x 235 mm
  • Divider A 1 piece 720 x 123 mm
  • Divider B 1 piece 760 x 235 mm
  • Divider C+D 2 pieces 240 x 235 mm
  • MT housing 1 piece 345 x 235 mm
  • MT housing 1 piece 115 x 235 mm
  • Channel bevel 5 pieces 90 x 235 mm

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