WBT-0702.12 Pole Terminal Signature Platin

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WBT 702.12

Notice: We supply always white and red identification in equal quantity!

Signature Pole Terminal Polished, platinum-plated
  • Extremely high contact pressure thanks to fine thread and milled grooves
  • Pat. clamping mechanism for 4 mm banana plugs
  • Solder or crimp connection with Torx screw
  • Direct platinum plating (nickel-free)
  • Max. constant current 100 A
  • Twist-proof mounting
  • Puzzle plate system
Topline product for the most exacting requirements in terms of signal transmission, mechanical stability and design

Superb mechanical properties, solid design and two separate clamping nuts ensure high contact pressure and hence consistently low transition resistance levels the precondition for absolutely minimum effects on sound quality. The elegant design of the pole terminal is further enhanced by the shiny platinum-plated surface that reliably prevents corrosion. The terminal is polished prior to platinum-plating, creating an extremely robust and abrasion-proof surface.

Outer connection
>> 4 mm banana plug
The integrated clamping mechanism (WBT patent) clamps the banana plug firmly in place when the front clamping nut is tightened and therefore not only protects the connection against accidental disconnection but also ensures an extremely high contact pressure.
>> Spades and crimped cable ends (up to 16 mm²/5 AWG)
Thanks to the second nut, you can connect spades or crimped cable ends with high contact pressure via a fine thread. Holding grooves in the base of the nut and in the pressure plate of the terminal unit improve the contact quality and increase the tensile strength of the connection.

Inner connection
Cables with a conductor cross section of up to 10 mm² (7 AWG) can be used on the inside.
WBT recommends the crimp connection method. You can use the supplied Torx screws and the Torx T.6 wrench to perfectly fix crimped cable ends.
The connections can also be soldered, however. If you decide on soldering, WBT recommends the surface-friendly silver solder WBT-0800 (see also solder connection).

Mounting insulators are supplied and ensure not only insulated but also twist-proof mounting and polarity identification. Counter nuts, double step washers with lug and puzzle plates are also supplied. The puzzle plates can be clipped into one another. This ensures precise terminal spacing of 19 or 30 mm, but above all absolute torsion protection. The nuts on appliances with high intrinsic mechanical vibration levels like loudspeakers should be additionally secured using the WBT serrated lock washer WBT-9150, for example.

Hint for OEMs
Due to the current safety regulations, the 4 mm banana holes of WBT pole terminals should be closed using the safety stick WBT-0799.
  • Conductor cross section (max.):
  • outside: 16 mm² (5 AWG)
  • inside: 10 mm² (7 AWG)
  • Connection technology: outside: 4 mm banana plug, spades (6 - 8 mm spade), crimping
  • inside: crimping or soldering
  • Wall thickness: 0.1 - 10 mm
  • Identification: red, white or black

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