At D-Stream, we are audiophiles who share the love of music and good sound. We have been artisans of streaming from its beginning. We ensure that the design and manufacturing of all our products offers high listening quality combined with unparalleled technology.

Technology is progressing, the passion for sound remains

The new technologies offer rich performance and exciting possibilities for audiophiles. Our products provide high resolution streaming and 24 + 32 bit native files. They allow you to take advantage of recent audio quality advances.

Ease of use

Whether you choose your in-house library or music services with their 25 million titles, D-Stream provides you the right choices for your listening pleasure including: streaming from a NAS, PC or MAC or your smartphone, high-quality radios, and a wide selection of on-line music. Listening to music has never been this easy!

About Us

D-Stream is an innovative French and Chinese owned company. The D-Stream software applications are developed in France, while all of the product hardware is manufactured at the D-Stream factory in China. The unique advantage of D-Stream is that it successfully combines French creativity and design with efficient manufacturing techniques