Turntable and Hifi

Gold Note

A dream became reality

When 25 years ago a young engineering student with a passion for music and audio technology, dissatisfied with the equipment available at the time, began designing his first turntable, everyone thought he was just a dreamer. Back then nobody could have guessed what would become of the student Maurizio Aterini a few years later.

His record player was the first step in founding the company that would later be called Gold Note.

However, he first developed products for a number of reputable companies well known to audiophiles worldwide. This gave Maurizio the opportunity to meet a number of the best developers - some of whom have shaped the history of hi-fi - and to develop a good overview and a deep understanding of the concerns of this high-performance technology. He found his own new solutions in matching the components and finally designed a complete chain of audio devices to realize his ideas of sound quality and his own authentic sound. With more than two decades of experience in the industry today, Maurizio is still the driving force behind Gold Note and runs the company with the same commitment and enthusiasm as when he started.

A dream came true for him.
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Our philosophy: tradition and innovation

Every time we conceive, develop and finally manufacture a new device, we think of the needs of a "contemporary audiophile", which means that each of our products must meet two main criteria, it must have our typical sonic qualities and the musical event with absolute realism represent and it must be easy to use and enjoyable to use in everyday life. These are the most important aspects for us because we are audiophiles ourselves.

The musical experience should always be an exhilarating moment. Maurizio has always been sure that in order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to follow each and every manufacturing step carefully, from the idea to the finished device. Each project begins in the R&D department, where Maurizio and his engineers work on novel solutions for improved properties. This is also where the prototypes are created, which already carry the "heart" and "soul" of a new device, for example the first printed circuit boards, manufactured and fitted with the best components in order to achieve ideal results in perfect interaction in laboratory tests. For the design of the outer shell, we rely entirely on the designer Stefano Bonifazi, to whom we entrust the choice of materials and design, and who thus ensures a result that combines extreme stability, optimal heat dissipation and timeless beauty.

We design our devices using CAD software and the structures of the finished prototypes are subjected to both computer-aided and real-world stress testing to minimize manufacturing errors. With that done, we move on to the ultimate test, the auditions.

Maurizio oversees the final stages of the process with burn in and rehearsal sessions in a variety of listening rooms and settings.

We believe that no measuring instrument can match the exquisite sensitivity of a trained ear and this is why our products are so musical.