Mobile Kopfhörer


has been considered the founder of the audiophile mobile music player segment since it was founded in 2007 in Elmshurst / New York.

This reputation is justified by the HM-801 Music Player, which was finally presented in 2010 after more than two years of research and development. Based on the success of the HM-801, its “big brother” HM-901 was added in 2012.

The Story of HifiMAN

he HM-801 was the first music player that knew how to use FLAC in 24/96 bit / Hz and also sounded incredibly good. He also had an exchangeable headphone amplifier module, which increased the quality even further. And that's not all: it could also be used as an external sound card via USB and its coaxial digital input. Of course, founder and chief developer Dr. Not catching on mobile music players, but expanded the range around his devices with matching headphones. Headphones such as the first HE-5 magnetostatic headphone, the smaller brother HE-4 with a simpler magnet construction and the premium model HE-6, which should satisfy even the highest demands with an extremely complex magnet construction and conductor tracks made of gold instead of aluminum the sonic advantages of the electrostatic headphones (high resolution and transparency) were achieved without their typical weaknesses in the low frequency range.

HIFIMAN in the present

Today HIFIMAN is known for its “entry-level player” SuperMini, which supports all common music formats for just 399.00 €, drives both balanced and unbalanced headphones easily and weighs just 70 grams, or the HM-901s, which is still going strong can be upgraded with different modules such as different headphone amplifiers or a module for balanced headphones. Of course, the right accessories such as high-quality in-ear and on-ear headphones are still in the range. A practical dock that can also be used as a USB DAC and comes with a practical remote control is also available. Everything was just thought of. Thus HIFIMAN delivers an all-round successful package for the mobile music lover who does not want to compromise.