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Since 2006, iBasso stands for mobile music enjoyment. Starting with pure mobile headphone amplifiers, headphone amplifiers with integrated DAC as well as headphones and interchangeable headphone cables were added later. Everything that makes sense and is important for enjoying music on the go.

The iBasso story
However, iBasso gained the greatest popularity with the release of the first, Android-based, mobile music player DX 100.
And this was both size and equipment a real monster! He had integrated the ESS Saber-DAC 9018, outputs for 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm headphones with a maximum 5 volt output voltage, optical and coaxial digital output and Wi-Fi on board. A real bang as a debut! This was followed by the iBasso DX 50, which, with its higher-quality feel and smaller housing, was more suitable for most customers, but had problems with high-quality in-ear headphones. Since the DX 50 was only available for a relatively short time, the DX 90 was released some time later. Externally, this looked like a "facelift" for the DX 50, but internally it was completely different; and better. Separate DAC and amplification chips for each channel and a significantly lower background noise (compared to its predecessor DX 50) "reconciled" the iBasso trailers with the company again and became a real bestseller.
iBasso today
The current range consists of the iBasso DX 80, which scores with a higher display resolution, along with the coaxial now also has an optical digital output (both integrated in a SPDIF socket), can be equipped with two memory cards and also supports native DSD. Of course, the D / A converter was also renovated and a change was made from ESS Saber to Cirrus Logic. Sonically, they have moved with the DX 80 on the slightly warmer side. It was almost a revolution compared to its direct predecessor DX 90, which was very precisely and analytically coordinated. Nevertheless, the DX 80 still sounds very open and spacious, but at the same time relaxed and smooth, almost "analog". Together with the excellent operation via the capacitive IPS touch display and its playing time of up to 13 hours, the DX 80 is also a real highlight.

Headphone? Of course!
Of course, iBasso has the right in-ear headphones in the range with the IT01 and IT03. These headphones rely (on the IT01) on a skilful combination of Helmholtz resonators, or (on the IT03 on the seamless integration of a balanced armature driver and a "classic" dynamic driver. No matter which combination you choose, they will convince you.