Hifi Furiutre made in Italy

Music Tools

Since 1997, Music Tools has been manufacturing supplemental and optimizing elements for audio and video systems. The Music Tools columns and shelving systems are designed without compromise: the use of vibration and resonance-absorbing materials and construction systems results in a significant optimization of the acoustic performance of the hi-fi systems. All Music Tools products are designed in Italy and manufactured with special attention to finish and dedication to craftsmanship. The quality and value of Music Tools products have been recognized with numerous awards over the past few years and confirmed by sales success on the national and international market.
Music Tools wants to convey the fantastic world of high fidelity in a simple and clear way as a basis for knowledge and development.

The analysis starts with columns for specific units and extends to audio systems with electronic devices and loudspeakers.

After defining the goals, Music Tools decided to select high quality brands and products with international prestige that the company distributes on the Italian market.