The company Thorens was founded in 1883 by Hermann Thorens in a small community in Switzerland. The family business produced music boxes and musical works at the beginning of the company's history. In 1903 Edison phonographs were produced for the first time. Thorens developed further and so in 1937 the first Thorens turntable was developed. In the 1940s, the brand produced the first record cutting and sounding and amplification systems for cinemas. In 1943 the company founder Hermann Thorens died. Turntables were created again and again in the 50s and 60s, and Thorens was even successful in selling products in the US.
In the 21st century, Thorens Export Company AG was founded in Switzerland. At the High End Fair 2005 in Munich, the electronic components already announced in 2002 were presented. The products have received several awards from the trade press. The entire development, as well as the production of the electronics line, are produced exclusively in Germany.