Trichord Research

Trichord Research is a small design and manufacturing company based in the UK. We have a broad experience in producing successful audio products spanning both analogue and digital domains. From the first days back in 1993 we were one of the very the first companies to show the importance of jitter and the consequent effects on sound quality of ‘industry standard’ clock circuits fitted to CD players. Many of you have benefited from having one of our Clock Upgrade products fitted with the great lift in sound quality that this brings, even to quite expensive machines. Even now, twenty years on this is still a popular item with those of you continuing to use CD.

Early in our history we were very interested in CD replay and this got us involved in producing our own CD players – the ‘Genesis’ and ‘Revelation’ and also our first Digital to Analogue Converter – the ‘Pulsar’. The CD players were based on Pioneer players fitted with our clock technology along with analogue and power supply modifications. The Pulsar DAC required a transport to go along with it so we produced the ‘Digital Turntable’ , also based on a Pioneer machine. Our own ‘Pulsewire’ digital interconnect completed the pairing.

Analogue products including Phono Stages, Pre-amps and Power Amps have also been a part of our history. Our friendship with Michell Engineering brought about the ‘Delphini’ phono stages, ‘Orca’ pre-amp and Alecto mono and stereo power amplifiers. We are proud to continue maintaining and upgrading all of these items for you where appropriate to this day.

Our current range of products include the very successful and award winning phono stage – the ‘Dino’ now in it’s Mk2 iteration. We also offer a more advanced phono amplifier – the ‘Diablo’.

Trichord products are designed and manufactured here in the UK. We also supply a range of products and accessories from other manufacturers that we have tried for ourselves and highly recommend.