WBT-0530.05 Mounting Plate Single standard

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Mounting Plate Single-Wiring

The mounting plates were developed for the professional mounting of all WBT pole terminals. They comprise of a solid 3 mm thick aluminium plate which has rounded edges of 10 mm radius. Six or four fixing holes with counting sinking for cylinder head screws permit fixing on to the loudspeaker housing.

Brass straddling dowels are available upon request for metric threads.

The plates can be mounted directly onto the housing or countersunk. Thanks to their stability, it is possible to mount a crossover onto the rear side of the plate.

Screws and a cellular rubber seal form part of the standard supply.

Made to order sizes or laser engraving with, for example a type plate or company logo are available upon request. The plates are suitable for use with all WBT pole terminals. They are ideal for loudspeaker manufacturers or audiophiles who would like to swap their standard pole terminals for WBT terminals.

Dimensions: 110 x 110 mm
Material: aluminium natural
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