Eagle High End Deluxe Speaker Cable, 2 x 3 mtr. Spades

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Eagle High End Deluxe Speaker Cable

The HIGH END DELUXE loudspeaker cable, consisting of a quadruple core connection with concentrically arranged copper strands, impresses with its excellent electrical parameter and its attractive design. The arrangement of the copper strands and the stranded conductors, the high copper content, and the PE material in combination with the textile braid ensure a natural and homogeneous reproduction of all frequency ranges.

  • Product Category: Speaker Cable
  • Qualitylevel: High End Deluxe
  • Connections: BFA -> BFA | Spade -> Spade
  • Conductor material: OFC Copper
  • Conductor: Concentrically stranded copper wires
  • Conductor cross-section: 4 x 2.97 mm²
  • Conductor design: Double symmetrical structure
  • Insulation: Double PE insulation around each conductor
  • Color: Black / Red
  • Peculiarity: Low inductance and capacitance
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