Dynavox X2000 Power Strip with Master-Slave-Function silver

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Dynavox X2000 Power Strip with Master-Slave-Function

The Dynavox X2000 is the latest addition to the successful Dynavox HiFi power strip series and perfectly complements any hi-fi high-end system. Compared to its big sisters X4100 and X7000, the X2000 has fewer power sockets, but also has phase detection on board and also a master-slave function with adjustable switching threshold. So you can e.g. by switching your amplifier or TV set on / off, all other connected devices are automatically switched on or off. The master-slave function can also be switched off to put the X2000 in standard operating mode. The X2000 filters out unwanted interference from the network, making listening pleasure by the small but ultimately essential subtlety better. Easy installation, phase marking, stable and durable metal housing, master-slave function (can be switched off), built-in 10 A circuit breaker, phase LED (lights up when the phase is wrong in the supply line), front and rear cover made of brushed aluminum 5mm, incl. Power cord 1.50m.

  • Slots: 5 filtered
  • Load capacity: 10 A.
  • Output power: (230V) 2300W
  • Operating voltage: 220 - 240 V 50Hz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 100 x 90 x 470 mm
  • Weight approx .: 2.6 kg.
  • Color: black / silver
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