Isotek V5 Sirius Power Socket 6-fold incl. Premier Cable C19

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Isotek V5 Sirius Power Socket 6-fold incl. Premier Cable C19

The new V5 Sirius is an ultra-high performance 16A power strip that takes advantage of IsoTek's latest power cleaning technology. It protects and improves the performance of your audio or AV system. You will also find a System Link connection, which enables the existing 6 outputs to be expanded while maintaining the star-shaped ground wiring when using only one wall socket for the entire system. In addition, the easy-to-reset fuse system offers a significant improvement over commonly used standard glass fuses due to an increased contact area.

  • Suitable for all audio, AV, or network-based systems
  • Reduces radio interference (RFI) by 60dB
  • A central filter network eliminates common mode and differential mode interference
  • 6 independent outputs prevent differential mode crosstalk (16 A)
  • 54,000 A instantaneous short-circuit protection
  • Star ground wiring
  • Internal wiring of multi-strand 6N OFC silver-plated copper with FEP dielectric
  • Security system with reset button
  • Wall mount included
  • System link output for expanding the existing 6 outputs while maintaining star-shaped ground wiring
  • EVO3 PREMIER connection cable included
  • Available with UK, EU, US, AU & CH connections

All outputs of the V5 Sirius are individually connected to the central filter network. None of the outputs are directly connected to each other, so there is no superimposition of the differential mode interference generated by the connected electronics from one output socket to the other.

IsoTek's System Link connector allows the existing 6 outputs to be expanded while maintaining star ground wiring using just one wall outlet for the entire system.

The V5 Sirius features a significantly improved high-performance shunt filter network that offers spurious rejection of -23dB at 10kHz, -40dB at 100kHz and -60dB at 1MHz (reference 50 ohm 20dB, this is evident from the conventional design superior and ideal for fighting common mode interference).

The unique combination of delta filter topology coupled with a high-current line choke cleans the power supply of both common-mode and differential-mode interference.

The V5 Sirius has KERP© (Kirchhoff's Equal Resistance Path), which ensures the same resistance and the same power output to all sockets. The internal wiring has been specifically designed to provide the highest standards of power delivery. Pure 6n oxygen-free and multi-strand copper conductors with silver plating ensure low resistance and high current. A FEP dielectric is used to protect the conductors, which offers a low dielectric constant.

The extremely fast-response 54,000 amp protection system improves sound and protects valuable audio components from dangerous power surges and spikes.
The easily resettable fuse system offers a significant upgrade over a normal standard glass fuse due to the increased contact area. Due to its electrical function, a standard fuse must have a very thin gauge wire, even expensive audiophile grade gold plated versions.

A special, easy-to-install wall mount system is included, allowing you to discreetly mount the V5 Sirius behind your audio system if required.

  • DELIVERABLE EXITS: UK, EU, US, AU & CH (we deliver EU)
  • OPERATING VOLTAGE: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • TOTAL WATTAGE: 3,680W (@230V) / 1,840W (@115V)
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 88 x 55 x 555mm
  • WEIGHT: 2Kg
  • CABLE INCLUDED: EVO3 Premier 1.5mtr
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