Pro-Ject Cork and Rubber IT - Cork-Rubber Mat 300 MM

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Pro-Ject Cork and Rubber IT - Cork-Rubber Mat 300 MM

High quality cork & rubber sheet mat

Acoustically decoupling the sensitive parts of the turntable is key to great vinyl sound. It is extremely important that the turntable and the actual record are decoupled from each other. High-quality pickups are extremely sensitive and can easily record interactions between the record and the turntable.
Common felt mats allow for gentle contact between record and platter, but have problems with electrostatic charging. This can lead to large accumulations of dust on the mat and record. The dampening effect is also limited, which can be problematic, especially with metal turntables.

Thick rubber mats usually dampen too much here and also prevent the discharge of electrostatic charges from the record, which leads to audibly more crackling and cracking.
As the name suggests, Cork & Rubber it consists of a well thought-out mix of cork and rubber. This combines the extraordinarily good damping properties of rubber with the electrostatic advantages of cork.

  • Prevents electrostatic charging of the plates
  • Reduces unwanted playback noise
  • Fits any turntable
  • Material: cork & rubber
  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • color: brown

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