Pro-Ject Replacement Belt Type 2

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Pro-Ject Replacement Belt

Originale Replacement belt vor Pro-Ject Turntable.

Typ 1 for the Pro-Ject, Debut III, 1.2, 1.9, 2.0, 2.9,n (z.B. Debut*, Xpression, The Classic)

Typ 2 for Perspective and Perspective Anniversary

Typ 3 for Perspective 78 U/min

Typ 4 for Xperience* and PerspeX*, square

Typ 5 for RPM5 Carbon, RPM9, RPM9 Carbon and RPM10*, square

Typ 6W for RPM1 and RPM 1.3 Round, white

Typ 6S for RPM1, RPM 1.3, RPM3 und RPM10*, Round, black

Typ 7 for Xtension 10 and 12, square

Typ 8S for Xtension 9, Essential and Primary, Elemental und VT-E, Round, black

Typ 9 for Xperience*, PerspeX* und Jukebox E, Round, black

* please only use the variant that was installed at the factory. Round and square belts are not interchangeable!
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