Trichor Research "Diablo/Never Connected-PSU/HP-PSU-Lead"-SET

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Trichor Research "Diablo/Never Connected-PSU/HP-PSU-Lead"-SET

Trichord Research Diablo Phono Pre Amp

The Diablo is a high performance, audiophile grade phono amplifier, designed for ultimate transparency and realism. It will maximise the performance of a wide range of phono cartridges from ultra-low output Moving Coils to high output Moving Magnets.

As with the Dino, the Diablo will accept a wide variety of MM and MC cartridges with adjustments for amplifier gain and cartridge loading on the underside of the unit.

Four high speed low noise voltage regulators effectively turn this into a dual mono design in one box.

The prime power supply for this unit is the ‘Never Connected’ PSU. It is however available with an in-line toroidal supply as a starting option.

The Diablo is user adjustable with a set of four DIP switches on the underside of the unit. These switches allow for adjustment of cartridge loading and gain setting.

The circuit is signal non-inverting and constructed using high performance, audio grade bipolar and JFET operational amplifiers from Analog Devices and Linear Technology. Metal oxide resistors and ultra low impedance capacitors throughout for lowest possible noise.

The RIAA equalisation network is part passive and part active. The capacitors and resistors used in this stage are very close tolerance audiophile types.

Four ‘state of the art’ ultra low impedance, low noise wide-band voltage regulator circuits are employed to power both channels and are largely responsible for the high sonic performance of the Diablo.

The non-ferrous cabinetry is made of aluminium, a design that reduces eddy current propagation that can affect sound reproduction in subtle but deleterious ways.

Two versions of power supply are available for the Diablo, the basic toroidal transformer power supply and the fully blown ‘Never Connected’ PSU.

Technical specifications
  • Switch Selectable Cartridge Resistance Loading (DIP1 and 2):
    • 33 ohms For Moving Coil cartridges
    • 100 ohms For Moving Coil cartridges
    • 1000 ohms For Moving Coil cartridges
    • 47,000 ohms For Moving Magnet and some Moving Coil cartridges
  • Switch Selectable Capacitance Loading (DIP 1 and 2):
    • 100pF For Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges
    • 1000pF For Moving Coil cartridges
  • Switch Selectable Gain (DIP 3 and 4):
    • Cartridge Type Sensitivity
    • MC Very Low: 100uV to 250uV (74dB)
    • MC Low: 250 to 400uV (70dB)
    • MC Normal: 400uV to 1mV (63dB)
    • MC High/MM Low: 1 to 3mV (52dB)
    • MM High: 3 to 5mV (48dB)
  • RIAA Reproduction Characteristics:
    • 20Hz to 20,000Hz; +/-0.25dB
    • Output voltage: 0.5V at 1KHz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 112 x 58 x 185 mm
Trichord Research Diablo Never Connected Power Supply Unit

The NCPSU (Never Connected Power Supply Unit) has completely different electronics to any conventional dc power supply. Instead of an over sized toroidal transformer, there is a PCB mounting variety followed by the revolutionary noise reduction circuitry that is called ‘Never Connected’.

Although the regulation circuit is physically connected to the incoming mains, it is disconnected electronically. A monitoring circuit detects the portion of the sine wave that is charging the first of a pair of electrolytic capacitors. Once this first capacitor is fully charged, the diode bridge rectifier turns off and a MOSFET switching circuit transfers the charge from the first cap to the second. This cycle is repeated continuously.

At no point in time is the regulation circuitry electrically connected to the incoming rectified mains – hence the term ‘Never Connected’. The overall result is a large and measurable reduction in mains borne noise.

This dramatic reduction of mains borne noise enables the Diablo phono circuit to give of its very best.

Trichord Research HP-PSU-Lead

Can a DC Power Lead really make this much difference?

The High Performance Power Lead connects the Dino Mk3  Phono Stage to either the ‘Dino+’ PSU or the ‘Dino+ Never Connected’ power supply. It is designed to significantly improve sound quality over the standard DC power interconnect lead.

Just as signal interconnect leads make a sonic difference to the performance of a system, then so do mains leads and any other lead connecting two pieces of equipment.

The same is true for the Diablo range.
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