Flux-Hifi Matrixx LS-8 speaker cable

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Flux-Hifi Matrixx LS-8 speaker cable

  • 8-core speaker cable
  • with Deltron 4mm banana plugs as single or bi-wire, 2x3m or 2x5m each,
  • Cable 8 x 1.50 mm2,
  • oxygen-free copper 385 individual wires of 0.07mm2 each

FLUX-MATRIXX LS-8-R speaker cable ready-made with high-quality Deltron 4mm banana plugs on both sides, specially made for the cable cross-section, e.g. B. Single-Wire or Bi-Wire each 2×3 meters or 2×5 meters.

The FLUX-MATRIXX LS-8-R is the result of years of development. The 8 pieces of individual conductors are twisted in pairs from the highest quality copper strands available on the market. This ensures low capacity and low field generation. In order to maintain the accuracy of the twisting even at the end piece, a special machine is used that ensures exactly the same conductor spacing. The outside diameter is 16mm.

The silver-plated laboratory plugs are soldered using a special silver solder. The assembly and soldering work is carried out by hand and is subject to stringent quality control. The braided fabric coating protects the cable and still ensures sufficient flexibility. The relationship between flexibility and sufficient conductor strength is particularly successful because the conductors must not be too soft, as this leads to deformation in the cable, which could lead to different sound results over the length.
The cable is a real insider tip in terms of sound and is completely manufactured in Germany. On the one hand it sounds honest and neutral, on the other hand it sounds dynamic and extremely lively. In addition, the sonic performance on different amplifiers is almost consistent due to the low capacity. FLUX-MATRIXX cables impress with their ultimate price-performance ratio and significantly enhance your system. The LS-8-R differs from the LS-4-R in the number of conductors and the quality of copper used.
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