Supra Sword CombiCon Speaker-Cable 2x3 mtr.

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SUPRA Sword CombiCon

The flagship products of the Supra line, the Swords nevertheless are well within the zeitgeist of Jenving Technology: performance and workmanship far beyond what one finds in competing products at or near the price. The Swords, in fact, compete with the worlds best and most expensive cables at a cost that wont break the bank.
  • Color: Eisblue
  • Diameter area (mm² / AWG): 3/12
  • Amount strand: 2
  • Amount wires: 12+12
  • Wire diameter (mm): 0,4
  • Material wires: enamelled OFC
  • Isolator: PE
  • Material: fire proof PVC
  • Outer dimensions (mm): 9,3 x 18,4
  • Connector: cable shoe
  • R (Ohm/km): 5,2
  • L (uH/m): 0,25
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