Creek OBH-UNI 24 Volt Controlled Power Supply

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Power supply OBH UNI

The OBH-UNI is a 24 Volt 12 Watt regulated power supply, that can sit on the floor or a desk top. It contains a bigger transformer and uses a fully short circuit and over temperature protected voltage regulator. The ripple current has been completely eliminated from this supply, so it is very suitable for use with OBH components that amplify, like the phono or headphone amplifiers.

Both the phono and headphone amps have their own, on-board, regulators also but will benefit sonically from having a smooth supply to start with. The OBH-UNI can be used with any OBH product, except that passive pre-amps like the OBH-10 and OBH-12 will not sound any better if used with this supply. Both the OBH-1 and OBH-2 are designed for use in the country they are sold in and should have the correct mains plug moulded on the end of the power cord. The DC power cord is always fitted with a 2.1mm DC jack plug with the centre positive.
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