Flux-Hifi Turbo 2.0 turntable vacuum cleaner

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Flux-Hifi Turbo 2.0 turntable vacuum cleaner

The FLUX-Turbo 2.0 is the further development of our unique record vacuum cleaner. With the FLUX-Turbo 2.0 you can quickly and easily remove dust and dirt from your valuable records. The FLUX-Turbo 2.0 combines a carbon brush with an integrated, powerful suction. Compared to its predecessor, the suction power has been doubled.

A new era in record care has begun with the Turbo. It cleans and cares for your valuable records:
  • works without liquid and without additives
  • quick and easy to use on the turntable
  • increases record and stylus life
  • increases the sound quality
  • with filter cartridge and skids available in a cheap double pack
  • Weight: 229g
  • Size: 11.5*14*6cm
  • 3 year guarantee
The enemy of record playback is dust

This consists of many components. Silicates, polymers, organics, everything is included. With a record washing machine that works with a liquid, you can get most of it cleaned, even the residue of the release agent is removed. But what then? As soon as the valuable disc is put on, the dust falls like snow on the record. This creates some problems. Particles and hair settle on the needle and make exact scanning almost impossible. In addition, the dust particles on the record constantly cause enormous crackling noises, which lead to considerable distortions.

The dust is collected with a commercially available record brush, but a record brush only picks up a few coarse particles. Finer dirt is pushed into the bottom of the groove and distributed by a plate brush.

The FLUX-Turbo 2.0 provides an immediate remedy. The suction power is so strong that almost all particles are sucked in, already in 1-2 turns.

The inner workings of the FLUX-Turbo 2.0 were elaborately developed. In order to achieve a well usable suction power in this small, light housing, each individual part had to be specially developed. Everything has been optimized down to the last detail, starting with the geometry of the fan wheel through to the shape of the suction channel. At the slightly inclined end of the suction channel you can clearly see the integrated guidelines, which ensure that suction is evenly carried out over the entire surface. A complex filter construction, the cartridge of which can be easily replaced, absorbs the dirt. The capacity is well over 100 uses, as is the durability of the batteries.

Record without cleaning                                                                   Record after cleaning

The brush insert made of real carbon fibers is also grounded so that the record is deprived of the static charge that attracts even more dust. The large contact strip on the underside of the FLUX-Turbo 2.0 is responsible for this. This is electrically connected to the conductive brush fibers.

The effect on playback is surprisingly strong. The sound seems liberated. Even complex music with strong levels is played back with significantly less distortion. Scanning noises, previously characteristic of analog playback, are reduced by up to 50% by extraction before listening. The point here is not to achieve clinically pure reproduction, but to get the best out of everything that is on the record. And that's a lot. More than anyone dared to hope for!

Simplicity is decisive when using the FLUX-Turbo 2.0. Quickly sucked over the plate and the pleasure can begin. Hear records better than ever!
You receive a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase for all of our high quality hifi-products.

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