Pro-Ject Connect it Power DS 15V Cable

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Pro-Ject Connect it Power DS 15V Cable

High performance cables for Power Box components

Only the pure power of the mains current, magnetically shielded for optimal connection!

Due to optimized power transmission, an ultimate level of audiophile performance can be reached. To make usage of all Power Box models with dedicated Box design components even more convenient, we offer these special high quality power cables in 3 different lengths.

Connect it Power DS 15V 2,1-2,1

Connects Power Box S2, Power Box MaiA, Power Box DS Sources, Power Box DS2 Sources or Power Box MaiA DS with 15V DC powered Pro-Ject turntables!

!!ATTENTION!  This cable does not fit Xtension 10, 12, RPM 9, RPM 10 and the Signature models (too high power consumption). For these models a Power Box RS Uni 1-way or 4-way is recommended. Only suitable for the joint operation of a Power Box DS2 source and turntables with a 15V DC power supply (DC power supply) and a power socket with a 2.1mm center contact!!

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