Inakustik Reference AC-2502 SF8 Power Socket

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The in-akustik mains cables and power strips filter the current and deliver clean currents for your HiFi system. Use of the best materials and excellent workmanship guarantee maximum dynamics, even for extreme loads. Complete screening and a special fi lter prevent radio frequencies from being received which would turn the cable into an aerial. Solid line bars in the power strips distribute the power homogeneously to all outlets. Furthermore, the sockets are divided into two groups with the AC-2502-SF8 power strip. Group 1: The two grey sockets are directly and permanently connected to the mains supply. This means that power amplifi ers, active subwoofers or other power-hungry devices that should not be disconnected from the mains, can remain connected. Group 2: The six black sockets can be separated from the mains supply using a switch. The additional mains fi lter makes this group especially suitable for source devices such as CD players, preamplifi ers, phono pre-amps and other precision electronics.

  • 8 AC power sockets
  • 3 x 2.5 mm² cable, mylar foil shielded
  • Foil shielding and additional shielding wire
  • In-Plug Filter in the AC plug; 2Y-Filter in the power bar
  • Power bar (8 mm²) for even power distribution
  • Fully shielded metal housing

  • Mains switch
  • Additional mains filter
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Child safety protection
  • Compact Design
  • Construction fully compliant to VDE, CE and RoHS regulation
  • Indicator light
  • Includes phase tester

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