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Flux-Hifi Brush record brush

FLUX-Hifi Vinyl Brush for clean records

Regular care is essential to ensure that your records last as long as possible and always produce the best possible sound. For this we have developed the FLUX-Hifi Vinyl Brush. The product is especially suitable for cleaning the record on the turntable. The innovative concept of the FLUX Brush enables the removal of surface dust and prevents static charging.

Why is this even necessary? Vinyl records are known to build up static electricity and thus magically attract dust. This is not only at the expense of the sound, but can even damage the sensitive needle of the turntable if it is very dirty. For this reason, it is important that you regularly dust the surface of the plate.

  • special velvet for cleaning records
  • gentle dust removal
  • integrated carbon brush
  • prevents static charging
  • ergonomic housing
  • Weight: 45g
  • Size: 11.5*5*3.5cm
Protects against dust and static electricity

However, with ordinary household cleaners and rags, you risk damaging it once you dust off the panel surface. It's different with the FLUX Brush. The completely new design combines soft velvet pads with the power of an integrated carbon fiber brush. This removes all dust particles and gently dedusts the plate surface. The ergonomic housing makes the FLUX Brush particularly easy to use and at the same time prevents the record from being damaged if used incorrectly. At the same time, static charging is prevented, so that new dirt is reduced. This has two advantages: on the one hand, the record needle is protected, on the other hand, the sound is reproduced without annoying crackling or cracking.

Convince yourself of the advantages

n combination with the other products from our range, you create a maximum of cleanliness and thus the best possible sound. The needle can be cleaned with the FLUX-Hifi Sonic, for example. The innovative and electronic cleaner guarantees that the pickup system works without distortion and annoying noise. Convince yourself of our FLUX-Hifi Vinyl Brush, with which you can dust the record surface and make your records shine. Cleaning and maintaining vinyl records has never been so easy.

Technology - FLUX Brush

Combination of velvet and carbon fiber brush

The carbon fiber brush is primarily there to take the static off the record. Here it is very important that the fiber and the aluminum housing are electrically connected and the aluminum is not coated, otherwise the static dissipation cannot be realized.

The velvet takes the dust off the surface. Our velvet has a pile height of 1.2mm, the fiber is a multifilament yarn with a high basis weight of 500g/m.
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