Flux-Hifi Sonic Electric Needle Cleaner with Vibration

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Flux-Hifi Sonic Electric Needle Cleaner with Vibration


The history of the vibrating needle cleaner goes back to the 1970s. There were devices from various companies that used a high frequency, transmitted by a liquid, to remove dirt from the needle. After the appearance of the CD and declining turntable sales in the 80s and especially the 90s, these devices disappeared from the market. To the chagrin of many record listeners, this was not reissued because of the high cost. FLUX-Hifi has taken up this idea with the FLUX-Sonic and newly developed the technology. The result is fantastic!

  • Cleans and cares for your valuable pickup
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Minimizes the scanning noise
  • Improves the pickup's tracking ability
  • Increases stylus life
  • Increases the sound quality
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Weight: 54g
  • Size: 11.4*6.5*3cm
The cleaning

The stylus is the primary component in the playback process. The movement that will later induce tension occurs here. The aim is to follow the groove exactly in the micrometer range. In order for this to succeed perfectly, the manufacturers of pickups make great efforts. However, if the needle is dirty, the diamond - no matter how polished and ground it is - cannot follow the deflection exactly. He reacts too early or too late, distortions occur. Even supposedly clean records are covered with dust, partly visible, partly invisible in the groove. It contains particles of silicates, polymers and organic substances. These stick to the needle due to the high temperature during the scanning process. Figure 1 shows how quickly this happens. After playing a side of a record, the dirt on the needle is almost completely gone. Fig. 2 shows the needle after cleaning with a normal, dry needle brush. Fibers are removed, but the crust remains. Only an aggressive liquid cleaner will ensure a reasonably cleaned surface of the diamond, see Fig. 3. However, since these cleaners can attack not only the adhesive of the diamond, but above all the sensitive rubber parts of the suspension of the needle carrier, caution is required here. Fig. 4 shows the needle after using the FLUX-Sonic. The result is excellent without attacking any part of the pickup. The needle shines in new splendor.

The technique

The principle of action is similar to that of an ultrasonic cleaner from dental technology or an ultrasonic bath for spectacle lenses. A strong, high-frequency vibration cleans the surfaces. Some materials, such as aluminum, are damaged by treatment with ultrasound. Even if the diamond were cleaned perfectly, the glued areas and the suspension of the cantilever would be damaged, just as with the use of aggressive liquid cleaners.

The FLUX-Sonic vibration cleaner, on the other hand, works at a low frequency. The circuitry and mechanics are designed in such a way that a three-dimensional vibration acts on the needle, which ensures that any dirt particles are removed. The frequency is precisely matched so that damage to the adhesive or the suspension is excluded - but the cleaning result is maximum. The deflections are far removed from the values ​​of the actual scanning. The movement of the needle corresponds to only a fraction of the load of the playback process.

A liquid is required to transfer the vibration from the device to the needle. This has an additional, gentle cleaning effect and is made on the basis of isopropanol. After application, it evaporates without leaving any residue. FLUX-Fluid is applied to a specially developed pad made from the finest PE fibers. Due to their number and the resulting density, these fibers alone create a capillary effect that is very similar to the effect of a liquid. In conjunction with FLUX-Fluid, the result is a perfect combination that transmits the vibration and at the same time absorbs the dirt. It is recommended to use it before each playback.

The result

The cleaning process only takes 15 seconds, and then the optimum has already been reached. The pickup system's tracking capability is improved. Less abrasion also increases the life of the needle. Scanning noises are significantly minimized. The difference in sound is outstanding. Both distortions and annoying background noises have largely disappeared. Playback has become significantly more dynamic and pleasant. Unpleasant peaks are no longer present and even the highest levels are reproduced without distortion. The frequency range seems extended, especially in the bass and treble range. Of course, cleaning the record is just as important as cleaning the needle. Make sure the records are as clean as possible. A device from FLUX-Hifi is already in development.

Electric needle cleaner for record players

The FLUX-Sonic needle cleaner was developed to gently, safely and quickly remove stubborn dirt from the turntable needle with the help of targeted vibrations. Targeted vibration ensures residue-free cleaning. It is not necessary to remove the stylus for this. It's easy to use and works on any turntable. FLUX-Sonic can be used as often as you like. It is recommended to use it before each playback. The cleaning fluid FLUX-Fluid is also available individually in 15ml bottles. Rediscover your record collection!
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