Sumiko Starling MC Cartridge

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Sumiko Starling MC Cartridge

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Product information

The star of the Sumiko ensemble

When a picture is worth a thousand words, Starling raises the question of what a sound picture might be worth. Music's unique ability to reach us with an intensity far beyond what we can hear is evident in the very existence of our hobby. It's fair to say that they're feelings we chase, and when they're evoked by the most convincing portrayal of your favorite shots, those feelings can be all the more profound. So a sound experience can be priceless, and we designed the Starling system to make that experience a reality in your system. In addition to the resonance-optimized pickup body and generator we inherited from the Songbird, the Starling features a rigid boron cantilever fitted with an ultra-low mass Microridge stylus. Microridge is a diamond cut valued around the world for its uniformity while maintaining fullness and clarity. Rarely has this famous tip achieved such agility in the groove - certainly not at the price of the Starling. What you experience are wonderfully floating sound images that you place exactly where you want to be - in the middle of the third row.

We are immeasurably excited about these latest additions to our Reference Open-Body MC range. Our newest favorites - Songbird & Starling - are a strong refinement our proven Blackbird & BPS EVO III designs. Our new generator is securely anchored in a highly rigid, resonance-optimized housing block and can work its magic free of unwanted internal resonance with the highest level of control. The generator unit is flexible and robust, offering the highest possible fidelity in a perfect balance of clarity and drama. The result is an industry-leading holographic image with an irresistibly 'real' feel. The Starling delivers a level of honesty and sophistication that we couldn't be prouder of, and we'd love for you to hear it for yourself.

The Sumiko Starling is suitable for medium and heavy tonearms.

  • Output voltage: 0.5mV
  • Amplifier connection/termination: Phono MC/>100Ω
  • Weight: 9.5g
  • Dynamic needle compliance, lateral: 12μm*
  • Scanning diamond: MicroRidge (r/R 2.5 x 75μm).
  • Boron cantilever
  • Tracking force: 2g
 * Needle compliance measured at 100Hz
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