Sumiko Rainer MM Cartridge

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Sumiko Rainer MM Cartridge

Princely music enjoyment

The Rainier is the first of the new Oyster models and raises the bar for value for money MM cartridges quite a bit. The resonance-optimized housing directs disturbing vibrations away from the generator and thus ensures a well-ordered sound image with high clarity and a natural touch of warmth. The Rainier is impressively quiet, expertly placing instruments and voices where they belong. You'll experience a wider, more complete soundstage than you previously thought possible at this price point.

Handmade in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, every Sumiko pickup is handcrafted in Yokohama, Japan - near the waters where the eponymous oysters live. Sumiko selects the finest materials by ear, which together produce a performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly tested until perfect. Production is then carried out by world-class craftsmen with a shared eye for precision and quality.

Suitable for light and medium-heavy tonearms. Upgrade with a stylus Olympia, Moonstone, Wellfleet or Amethyst. Can be used with a Stylus RS78 to play shellac records.
  • Output voltage: 5mV
  • Amplifier connection/termination: Phono MM/47kΩ
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Dynamic needle compliance, lateral: 12μm*
  • Scanning Diamond: Elliptical (r/R 8 x 18μm).
  • Tracking force: 2g
 * Needle compliance measured at 100Hz
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