Monacor PRO Domo - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

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Pro Domo

The Aesthetic High-End Design

The design of a slim column speaker is certainly the most popular one when high-quality speaker systems of high power capability are required instead of 70cm plastic cubes. However; the integration of a very good bass speaker into very slim column speakers is no child's play, either. High-power bass speakers also for home HiFi applications have got a diameter of at least 20 cm, 25 cm would be better; in order to provide a bass reproduction of the full dynamic range and of sufficient fundamental resonance at moderate volume levels. A speaker system with a width of 25-30cm in which such bass speakers can be integrated, will usually not be considered slim enough with acceptable heights of approx. one metre.

The solution of this problem is the development of speakers with a very slim front and a sufficient depth to allow a lateral installation of the bass speaker which is thus unobtrusive. With a little technical know-how, this can be realised without any quality losses in the sound compared to a conventional arrangement. The Pro Domo realises a very fine high-end concept for highest requirements, with state-of-the-art cone materials, a D'Appolito arrangement of best results and the lateral.

System: 3 1/2-way bass-reflex with D'Appolito arrangement
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency range: 33-19500 Hz
SPL: 89 dB/2,83 V/1 m
Music power: 300W MAX
Power rating: 150W RMS


Cumulative Spectral Decay



Technical Dimensions

Technical Dimensions (Detail)

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