Pro-Ject CD Box S + DAC Box S FL Superpack

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Supplied with the Pro-Ject SuperPack:

1 Piece CD Box  (smallest Hifi CD player on the market) +
1 piece DAC Box S FL (Digital-Analog-Converter)

Pro-Ject CD Box S  
Ultra compact CD player  

Pure CD player are in contrast to DVD or Blu-ray Disc player frequently better in playback of stereo CDs. The CD Box S (as well as CD Box DS) is designed exclusively for playing audio CDs on the "Red Book standard" by Philips and is in this discipline, a true master of his trade. In addition to a high-quality, durable drive; that is essential for the perfect CD playback as well as a servo control optimized for audio playback, our servo system allows real-time scanning with minimal jitter. Together with the proven D/A converter blocks a faithful reproduction is achieved, as it can not be found in this price range. Many people realized that the CD Box is a very good stable CD drive. Therefore the new CD Box S offers an S/PDIF output, in order to connect better high-end D / A converter, so an upgrade is easily possible.

Key features:
  • Smallest Hifi CD player on the market  
  • 24bit/96kHz DAC for precise playback of Audio-CDs  
  • Coaxial S/PDIF digital output  
  • Robust and reliable all-metal CD transport  
  • Slot-in mechanism  
  • Servo board optimized for 1:1 playback of CDs  
  • Direct I²S digital-interface to DAC  
  • Remote control with volume level adjustment of Pro-Ject amplifiers  
  • Metal casing protects against vibration and interference  
  • DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  
  • Faceplate silver or black 

Filterless Non-Oversampling technique of DAC BOX S FL:  

Concept of DAC BOX S FL is based on the original format of the Audio-CD, (which means 16bit and 44,1 kHz) with a maximum transmitted audio frequency of 20kHz.  

DAC BOX S FL uses 4 TDA 1543T DA-Chips in parallel Dual Differential Mode, which guarantees high precision and very low distortion in the audible frequency-range below 20kHz.  
Ultra low distortion spectrum below 20kHz is very similar to those of tube amplifiers. Distortion levels rise signbificantly above 20kHz, which has no effect in playback of audio CDs, because this is above audible frequency range.  

The SMD output stage is direct-coupled to DA-converters for best results.  
Soundquality is extremely cool, even though TDA-1543 operate best at higher temperature levels. Good heatsinks are needed to deal with heat for save operation. But this specific configuration has a special advantage:  
No additional filtering needed! This has positive results in overall sound quality (even though in metrological terms, this is not the optimum).  
Sound quality is naturally balanced with lots of detail and articulate and strong bass For many audiophiles this DA conversion principle is the best possible link between musician and listener!  
More about Non-oversampling design principle can be found on:  

Key features:
  • Audiophile 16bit linear D/A-conversion  
  • Non-Oversampling  
  • Without digital filter  
  • 4 x TDA1543 parallel operation mode  
  • DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  
  • "Analogue" full bodied sound  
  • Input selector on front  
  • Faceplate in silver or black
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