Audiolab DC Block DC voltage filter, silver (checked return)

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Audiolab DC Block DC voltage filter, silver (checked return)


The typical mains supply is subject to various types of interference and non-linear loads that distort the waveform. Asymmetrical loads cause the waveform to shift and result in what is known as "direct current on the grid".

The amount of DC voltage is small, typically less than 500 mV, but only a small amount is required to saturate a modern toroidal transformer with high current flow. The saturation of the transformer inevitably leads to reduced efficiency and mechanical vibrations.

Eliminating DC power from the mains supply not only restores efficiency and reduces the mechanical hum from loud transformers, but also improves the performance of connected audio equipment, resulting in greater clarity and dynamics.

The audiolab DC BLOCK is easy to use and has an intelligent design that helps you remove direct current from your power grid. In addition to removing direct current, the audiolab DC BLOCK offers additional network conditioning and RF filtering of both common-mode and differential noise, which contributes to the optimal operation of your audio equipment.

The audiolab DC BLOCK mains conditioner is compatible with most audio devices that use an IEC mains input and offers an uncomplicated, immediate improvement of the mains power supply and thus the performance of your hi-fi system.

Key features
  • Removes DC power from the AC mains supply
  • Reduces transformer hum
  • Reduces RF interference
  • Improves the performance of audio components
  • Power requirement: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
  • Peak load *: 600VA
  • Audio power amplifier compatibility: <2 x 150W or <1 x 300W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 113 x 59 x 140mm
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
* Note: The audiolab DC BLOCK is designed for audio devices with variable power requirements up to the maximum peak load and should not feed permanent loads with high power such as heating or similar
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