BC Acoustique EX-214 Integrated Amplifier with phono input and Bluetooth

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BC Acoustique EX-214 Integrated Amplifier with phono input and Bluetooth

This EX-214 amplifier was designed with an audiophile approach to ensure the music lover a faithful reproduction of his favourite music. It delivers 2x45W RMS into 8Ω, or 2x70W into 4Ω.

It includes a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to play music from Smartphones. The EX-214 comes with 2 unbalanced audio inputs, a 3.5 mini jack MP3 input, a Phono input and one digital input (coaxial and/or optical) allowing connection to latest generation TV sets. Finally, it provides a « pre-out » to perform bi-amplification or to add a sub-woofer.
  • Bluetooth 
  • Phono input
  • Coaxial and Opt. Inputs
  • MP3 input
  • Headphone output
  • Double power supply
  • High quality DAC
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Shielded preamplifier
  • Large power output amplifier stage for both channels
  • Power stage generously dimensioned allowing it to drive any kind of speakers (8, 4, 2 Ohms).
  • Bluetooth with integrated antenna
  • Optical and Coaxial digital inputs
  • Phono input
  • MP3 input 3.5mm
  • Headphone output 6.35mm

The S/PDIF input is interfaced to a AK4112 chip and analog digital conversion is supported by a PCM1606 circuit from Texas Instrument. Maximum sampling is 24 bits at 96 kHz on the coaxial and optical inputs.

Digital Inputs

The OPTICAL connector will override the source connected to COAXIAL, unless the source connected to the optical connector is turned off. In this case, you can listen to the source connected in coaxial.

Front panel:
  • Treble knob:  10Hz +/-10dB
  • Bass knob: 100Hz +/-10dB
  • Balance: yes
  • Direct tactile switch: yes (white LED)
  • Loudness tectile switch: yes (white LED)
  • Standby LED: red / blue
Included Accessories
  • 1x Detachable IEC power cord
  • 1x Remote control
  • 2x Batteries
  • 1x Manual

Amplifier section
  • Power: 2x45W RMS into 8 Ω and 2x70W into 4 Ω
  • Total harmonic distorition < 0,01%
  • Signal to noise ratio > 100 dBA  
  • Bandwidth: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Analog max. input: 3,5V
  • Speaker Impedance Compatibility Range: 2-8 Ω
  • Range: about 10 m
  • 2x RCA line inputs
  • 1x Phono input
  • 1x Optical input
  • 1x Coaxial input
  • 1x Output line
  • 1x Output REC
  • 1x MP3 input (Mini-jack 3. 5 mm)
  • 1x USB input (firmware)
  • 1x RCA line output: Pre-Out  
  • 1x Headphone Jack 6.35 mm in front
  • 1x Bluetooth integrated antenna
  • 4x Screw terminals compatible with banana plugs
Phono input
  • Input impedance: 47 KΩ
  • Gain: 45dB
  • Frequency band: 10Hz - 20KHz (± 0.2dB of RIAA)
  • Distortion (1kHz, 1W, 8Ω) < 0.005%
  • S/PDIF input interfaced: AK4112
  • DAC: PCM1606
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) & Weight – PRODUCT: 430 x 60 x 245 mm / 5.72 Kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) & Weight – PACKAGING: 520 x 160 x 346 mm / 6.4 Kg

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