Argon Audio TT Turntable incl. Phono Stage and Audio-Technica AT3600L Catridge

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Argon Audio TT Turntable incl. Phono Stage and Audio-Technica AT3600L Catridge

Our TT record player is the ultimate value-for-money product in our turntable range. Here, you get a plug-and-play solution that looks and sounds like something that should cost three times as much. Built in RIAA makes sure you can connect it directly to any amplifier or any set of active speakers.
  • Built in RIAA for easy connectivity to your favorite speakers or amplifier. No extra boxes needed
  • Speed dial for easy switching between 33 and 45 rpm
  • Pre-mounted with a Audio-Technica AT3600L pickup gives you great sound out of the box
Don't waste your money on plastic. Skip the supermarket 

We know what you’re thinking: there must be something wrong with the price on this turntable. How could we possibly offer you such a great looking, awesome sound turntable at the same price as the plastic turntables from the supermarket? Well, that’s what makes Argon Audio unique. Don’t think about it - just take the offer and run! We promise you you won’ regret it. TT has a heavy, aluminum platter, comes pre-mounted with an AudioTechnica MM-pickup and it even has RIAA built in. Now, you might get better sound quality in the TT-2 but when it comes to pure value for you hard earned money, the TT is tough to beat.

Convenience is king 

The TT is not only a looker, it’s also a really convenient choice. You can easily switch speeds between 33 and 45 RPM with the turn of a dial. Setup is super easy. And with the built in RIAA amplification, connection to your favorite speakers is a breeze. If you want a few extras, we’ve got an array of accesories for you to customize and pimp your TT with.

The Charm of Vinyl 

Yes, your grandpa probably refers to the times of old with a bit too much enthusiasm. But if there’s one thing his generation did nail, it’s their choice of physical media. CD’s, cassette tapes, weird torrented MP3-files with a guy blow drying his hair in the background – they all came and went – vinyl stayed. That’s because there’s a charm to the ridiculously large discs, the detailed placement of the needle, and the lack of an all-knowing playlist AI shuffling your music, that you just can’t find anywhere else today. Investing in a record player really is investing in your music experiences.

The Promise 

Unfortunately, the sound of Argon Audio is the one thing you’ll never experience on this website. That’s why we do our money-back-guarantee; if you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it. But we bet you will. Read more.

  • Speeds: 33/45 rpm 
  • Pickup: MM (Audio-Technica AT3600L) 
  • RIAA amplifier: Yes 
  • Plate: Aluminum 
  • 8.6 "tone arm in aluminum 
  • Effective arm length: 21.9 cm 
  • Effective arm mass: 8.0 grams 
  • Size: 42.0 x 11.2 x 33.0 cm (WxHxD) 
  • Weight: 4.0 kg 
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