Cayin N7 High-End Mobile DA-Player

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Cayin N7 High-End Mobile DA-Player

With the N7, Cayin presents an extensively equipped HiRes audio player for mobile music supply. Discrete circuits for DAC, LPF and headphone amplifier and the fully symmetrical design promise the highest sound standards. In addition, there are balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs.

Fully symmetrical system design for maximum quality

The most important feature is the fully symmetrical circuit design. This demanding approach is complex, but offers unimagined possibilities for fine-tuning the sound. While a classic stereo circuit provides a left (L) and a right (R) channel, a balanced circuit requires differential inputs and differential outputs. In this case, therefore, L+, L-, R+, R+ are required. Cayin uses this discrete circuit structure for DAC, LPF and headphone amplifier in a DAP for the first time in the N7. After numerous attempts, the Cayin developers decided on a symmetrical class A push-pull amplifier circuit based on dual bipolar transistors for the discrete LPF. The headphone amplifier itself is based on a 4-channel circuit with a low-noise JFET (Junction Gate Field Effect Transistor) as the differential input stage and BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) as the amplifier and output stage. In this way, interference is reduced to a minimum and a new level of quality is achieved in the processing of audio signals and their playback.


The digital-to-analog converter can natively decode up to DSD512. PCM streams are accepted up to 32-bit and 778kHz and internally converted to a DSD signal before the N7 passes the signal to the DAC circuitry. The 1-bit DSD DAC is also specially tailored to this DAP: The converted analog signal is passed through a network with 128 high-precision thin-film resistors. The output is symmetrical on four channels for the best possible and interference-free playback. The power supply was also specially developed for the N7. In this way, the various sections of the audio circuitry are independently powered according to their voltage requirements. The aluminum frame of the N7 is also sound-enhancing. It serves as an antenna here and thus ensures stable streaming via 2.4Ghz or 5GHz dual-band WiFi at all times.

Dual amplifier operation

With dual amplifier operation, you rely on the tried and tested: Users can switch between the Class A and Class AB modes via a pull-down menu in order to adapt the sound to personal musical preferences or different types of headphones. The Class A amplification stands for a warm, rather soft sound. All channels are amplified almost equally. This creates a detailed, pleasant sound. Perfect conditions for the unadulterated reproduction of modern music with many details. Class AB, on the other hand, brings more punch and is probably the preferred choice for higher demands on the dynamic range in playback.

Versatile inputs and outputs / Bluetooth

A digital audio player (DAP) like the N7 is primarily used by many users with headphones as a portable music player. The Cayin offers two headphone outputs for this purpose. A balanced one with a 4.4 millimeter jack and an unbalanced one with a 3.5 millimeter single-ended format. There are also two more analog outputs. Thanks to them, the DAP can also be integrated into stationary hi-fi/high-end systems. An analogue resistance ladder volume control from JRC was installed to adjust the volume at the pre-out. This is controlled by a noble rotary knob made of brass. A line-out with a fixed voltage is available as a second analogue output. This bypasses the volume control of the DAP. But that's not all, because Cayin doesn't skimp on digital interfaces either. In addition to an I2S digital output, a USB-C out and a coax output embedded in the USB port ensure a wide range of possible uses. Bluetooth version 5.0 is also on board. In addition to the common codes, the LDAC standards for up to 96 kHz and UAT are also processed here. The latter supports sample rates up to 192 kHz. As a Bluetooth transmitter, the N7 is also able to output sound and control output devices. The Cayin also acts as a Bluetooth receiver and can thus be used as a wireless DAC.

Masterful audio quality with MQA and streaming

MQA steht für „Master Quality Authenticated“ und ist ein Audio-Codec, der unter anderem vom Musikstreaming-Service TIDAL unterstützt wird. Das Format soll Musik komprimieren und am Ende wieder in ihrer vom Mastering-Studio beabsichtigten, unverfälschten Form wiedergeben. Das funktioniert aber nur mit Unterstützung eines passenden Decoders wie dem im N7. Dank des angepassten und vorinstallierten Android 12.0 und Zugriff auf den Google Play Store können selbstverständlich aber auch Inhalte anderer Streaming-Dienste oder Musik-Apps wie Qobuz oder Apple Music über den N7 wiedergegeben werden. Bei Bedarf kann die Sample-Rate-Konvertierung (SRC) des Android-Systems in allen installierten Anwendungen mittels DTA (Direct Transport Audio) aber auch umgangen werden. Für lokale Dateien ist der Cayin N7 mit einem internen 64 GB-Speicher ausgestattet. Um auch umfangreichere Musikbibliotheken bewegen zu können, werden TransFlash-Speicherkarten bis zu 1TB unterstützt. Über HiBy-Cast kann der DAP auch über das Smartphone angesteuert werden.
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