Cayin RU6 mobile USB/DAC amp dongle

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Cayin RU6 mobile USB/DAC amp dongle

The Cayin RU6 is a USB DAC and headphone amplifier in one - built to offer a powerful alternative to the usually weak headphone outputs of mobile devices.


This dongle dramatically enhances smartphones. The Cayin RU6 is a USB DAC and headphone amplifier in one - built to offer a powerful alternative to the usually weak headphone outputs of mobile devices.

Connected to the USB interface of cell phones and tablets, the Cayin RU6 converts the songs stored on it or streamed by a music service with the precision of a 24-bit / 384 kHz DAC developed by Cayin. The secret behind the fine pearly sound is the complex, discrete R-2R resistor network of the Hi-Res D / A converter. An optional adapter cable for the RU6 from Cayin is available for devices with a Lightning connector.

The hardware volume control buttons on the Cayin RU6 also use a sophisticated resistor network volume circuit. The user can choose between non-oversampling and oversampling mode via a simple menu setting. There are two headphone outputs with 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm jack sockets on the connection panel. A large selection of headphones on the market can be optimally controlled with the Cayin RU6.

In oversampling mode, the digital audio bridge of the Cayin RU6 upsamples the digital audio data to 384kHz using digital filtering. This increases the resolution, reduces the noise and improves the anti-aliasing of the digital signal. The oversampling DA mode enables a significant improvement in the reproduction of details and an expanded frequency range of the audio signal.

The NOS-DA mode, on the other hand, retains the sampling rate of the original bit stream. This deactivates the digital filters and the signal is retained in perfect timing. That is, the phase distortion and jitter remain at a very low level with no artifacts in the output signal. The reproduction is very musical with a natural, organic and coherent sound flow.

Cayin high precision resistor network volume control

Most USB dongle DACs rely on the volume control on the connected cell phone to control the volume of the headphone output. This custom was out of the question for the Cayin RU6. The R-2R DAC circuit is very demanding in terms of what audio data is presented to it. The digital volume control of conventional cell phones leads to a significant impairment of the sound quality.

The best solution for the R-2R circuit is to get the highest possible incoming bit stream level and then to carry out a high-quality analog volume control after the signal has been converted by the R-2R DAC circuit. Cayin therefore recommends a music player app for the smart device that supports Bit Perfect USB and thus bypasses the level control of the source device.

This means that the high-precision resistor array volume control developed by Cayin can exploit its full potential. In this way, it is possible to acoustically understand what a volume control in 99 steps through nine segments of resistors and switching relays enables in terms of quality. This very high quality volume control is usually only in absolute

Used high end amplifiers.

The resistance volume control includes a switching relay that mutes the output for a short moment in order to avoid crackling noises during level adjustment. As a result, however, a small delay in the volume adjustment has to be accepted.

  • 124-Bit Discrete R-2R Resistive Ladder DAC
  • Ultra-high-precision TCR25 thin-film resistors with low temperature fluctuation influences, accurate to 1/1000
  • Supports up to PCM 384kHz and DSD 64/128/256
  • Low power consumption
  • Volume control with multiple segments and high-precision resistor array
  • Hardware volume buttons
  • Two six-layer PCBs, digital and analog circuitry on separate boards
  • 3.5 mm single-ended jack output delivers 138 mW per channel at 32 Ω headphone impedance
  • Balanced 4.4 mm jack output delivers 213mW per channel at 32 Ω headphone impedance
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 and digital audio player with USB audio output
  • Type-C USB audio, shield USB-C to USB-C cable included.
  • High / low amplification factor
  • Compact and seamless CNC aluminum housing with 1 ″ OLED screen that weighs only 28 g.
  • Optional leather bags: orange or blue
  • Optional USB-C to Lightning cable
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