Fidelice Precision Phono-Pre-Amplifier

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Fidelice Precision Phono-Pre-Amplifier

For the first time, the Neve circuit knowledge in the Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier of the Fidelice series from Rupert Neve Designs also benefits the playback of vinyl records. Based on the classic preamplifier topologies that have made Rupert Neve's mic preamps the invariable choice of audio engineers since the 1970's, the Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier's MM and MC amplifier stages have been carefully engineered to deliver an immersive listening experience with unparalleled accuracy, depth and... Tailored for expressiveness.

Specially designed, low-noise, discrete Class A amplifiers are implemented throughout the signal path for both MM and MC cartridges. The passive RIAA filter uses exceptionally low-tolerance components, selectable capacitance for the MM input, and a selectable rumble filter with a slope of 18 dB/octave and a corner frequency of 11.4 Hz.

Bringing the record collection to life

Regardless of the genre of music you prefer, whether it's pure classical or heavy rock, getting the most out of a turntable can be a challenge. The Precision Phono Pre-Amp is engineered to extract every little detail from the pressing and turntable, delivering a comprehensive and pristine signal to get the most out of a vinyl collection.

Both MM and MC settings get the best performance out of the cartridge. The phono stages use carefully implemented Class A designs using the highest performing JFETs and BJTs, tuned through countless hours of intense listening and comparison.


The resulting sound quality is - technically and musically - exceptional. The RIAA equalization is tuned to within 0.15dB and the frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz varies by less than 0.1dB. Even in the 10 Hz and 120 kHz range, the deviations are less than one decibel. The dynamic range is an impressive 101.58 dB (MM path) and the equivalent input noise is less than -129 dBV (MC path).

Aside from its technical achievements, however, it is the immersive listening experience that sets the Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier apart. The soundstage offers a breathtaking three-dimensionality and brings out a combination of powerful low-end, flawless transparency throughout the crucial midrange and a delicately sweet high-end note. These are hallmarks of Rupert Neve Designs' vintage as well as modern recording gear, and are also showcased in the Precision Series.

tonal control

While the Fidelice Precision phono preamp deliberately offers a minimal range of functions, there are still various options to adapt the phono stage to the existing system.

A 18 dB/octave rumble filter with a corner frequency of 11.4 Hz can be activated via the left switch to remove low-frequency artifacts from the signal. In this way, the amplifier and speakers do not have to use additional energy to reproduce unnecessary sounds below this frequency.

Separate amplification paths for moving magnet or moving coil systems enable uncompromising calibration for the various requirements. The MM setting offers an input impedance of 47 kOhm, a selectable capacitance of 110 pF or 220 pF for a variety of MM systems, and a gain of 40 dB. The MC setting offers an input impedance of 100 ohms, a capacitance of 220 pF and a gain of 60 dB.

With an elegant aluminum housing with mahogany inlays and a sound quality that has been appreciated by the entire recording industry for generations, the Precision phono preamplifier brings real studio sound to any turntable system: always faithful to the original, but with a touch of magical musicality, that only a device from Rupert Neve can offer.
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