FiiO FH1s InEar 2 way Headphones

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FiiO FH1s InEar 2 way Headphones

FiiO FH1S – Zwei Treiber, doppelter Spaß

The FiiO FH1S in-ear headphones in a nutshell: The name alone gives it away: The FiiO FH1S is the successor to the successful FiiO FH1 in-ear headphones. Now with a larger dynamic driver for a deeper and even more structured bass, as well as a balanced armature driver that is matched to it.

The highlights of the FiiO FH1S at a glance:
  • Knowles BA driver - clear and detailed in the treble
  • 13.6mm dynamic driver - deep bass down to 5 Hertz
  • Optimized airflow in the housing - perfect pressure equalization
  • First class cable included - 120 strands for one result: the best sound
  • Also has tuning potential headphone cable changeable
  • Clear, structured tweeter - thanks to the balanced armature driver
If we think of balanced armature drivers (in short: "BA"), then we think of the noble models from the market leader Knowles. Unsurprisingly, the FiiO FH1S in-ear headphones use a model of the same, the Knowles 33518. This ensures that the FH1S also delivers the clear, high-resolution and, at the same time, pleasantly defined tweeter that FiiO is used to.

And so that really every note, every frequency arrives in your ear, the generated treble is passed through a brass tube in the headphones. This tube then ensures that sound-damaging vibrations and distortions are effectively suppressed and the music arrives as it was originally intended.

13.6 millimeters ensure a lot of bass - the dynamic driver

Anyone can create a loud, hammering bass, which is no feat. But when you put the FiiO FH1S in your ear for the first time and start your music, you will notice how complex “bass” actually is. Your music is sounded out and played in a clean, structured and differentiated manner down to 5 Hertz (!).
Here, too, FiiO has come up with a lot. The membrane is surrounded by a vibration-dampening ring made of brass, as well as powerful N50 neodymium magnets with high magnetic force, which hold the driver firmly in place and ensure pressure and stability in the bass.

Everything under control - with precisely set pressure compensation

The bass driver not only generates sound in the direction of the listener (i.e. your ears), but of course it also swings back and thus brings a lot of air inside the headphones in motion.

So that the headphones always sound clean and controlled even at high levels, FiiO has given the FH1S clever openings for pressure compensation. Or as FiiO calls the patented technology: "Balanced Pressure Relief Technology". But no matter what you call it: it works; and it sounds great!

A real universal talent - from smartphones to hi-res players, everything is possible

Usually, when planning and designing a product, the developer has to decide which target group the product is intended for. Should the headphones be easy to drive so that they also sound good on smartphones, or should they have as much potential as possible, which then requires powerful, dedicated hi-res players or headphone amplifiers?
FiiO takes a slightly different approach and relies on the combination of low impedance (26 Ohm) and high efficiency (106 dB). So you can enjoy the whole range from smartphones to high-quality headphone amplifiers and get the most out of each.

Quality claim underlined - with high-quality headphone cable included

The high demands on the quality of the headphones are clearly underlined by the "accessory cable" of the FiiO FH1S.
A headphone cable with 120 individual conductors made of monocrystalline copper is included, with each individual strand being isolated from the other. A quality that some “tuning cables” do not deliver.

There is room for improvement - cables can be replaced thanks to the 0.78 mm connector

The better is the enemy of the good, we know that at FiiO too. And that's exactly why the headphone cable on the FH1S can be easily replaced thanks to the 0.78 millimeter 2-pin connector. Regardless of whether it is a cable break or an upgrade, it's in your hands.

From people for people - further optimized fit

If you have ever had FiiO in-ear headphones in your ear, you are guaranteed to have noticed one thing: They fit like a glove! No reason for FiiO to be satisfied with it. And so it took several hours and trials until the new, even further optimized design with its organic fit got the "green light".
The FiiO FH1S is now modeled even more closely on the human ear and thus fits even more easily in the ear. And once it sits there, you will hardly notice it, let alone want to take it out again.

Timeless or modern - which color variant would you like?

As usual with FiiO, you also have the option of choosing from four different color variants with the FH1S. The variant is available in a timeless, slightly transparent black and alternatively in a modern, dark purple. Both versions are almost immediately reminiscent of the plectrum (those practical little triangles that almost every guitarist uses to play), as they also consist of several layers of celluloid.

Another advantage of this celluloid layering process for headphones: Each earphone is unique with its very own, unmistakable texture. If instead you'd rather stand out with your headphones (and your good taste), there are colors to go with them too; namely amber yellow and grass green. Both variants naturally come with the cover plate, which is also made of multilayer celluloid.

  • Frequency range: 5 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Efficiency: 106 dB
  • Impedance: 26 Ω
  • Cable length: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 21 grams (including cable)
  • Color: Black, Purple, Yellow, Green
  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm jack
  • Scope of delivery: 7 pairs of ear tips / headphone cable / HB1 storage box
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