FiiO FH5 InEar 4 Ways Headphone

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FiiO FH5 InEar 4 Ways Headphone

The highlights of the FiiO FH5 at a glance:
  •  4-way construction - Here are the specialists at work
  •  High quality and lightweight - aluminum-magnesium body
  •  Turbocharger on board - Deep, lively bass thanks to clever design
  •  Three sound tubes - Each channel for one frequency range
  •  Cable replaceable - easy to change thanks to the MMCX connection
High-quality and high-strength housing

The FiiO FH5 is the first FiiO headphone to feature the patented TRISHELL design. There are both the middle part, and the front and rear housing shell made of a high quality and durable, but still lightweight aluminum-magnesium compound. These housing parts are then not only simply pressed together, but the connection with each other is secured by a high-quality screw. Thus, externally urgent resonances or distortions have no chance!

S.Turbo technology - The turbocharger in the headphones

The clever folding and the exact calculated length of the tube from the bass driver to the output, the bass is reproduced cleanly and undistorted, while the unwanted - but the driver unavoidably with generated - middle and high-pitched sound in the tube quasi "dead".
This gives you an even deeper and more believable bass, which also connects cleanly to the mids and heights.

Three sound tubes - a wonderful result

In the FiiO FH5 each area works towards the best result. Every frequency range (bass, midrange, high) has its own sound tube, which transports the generated sound to the listener. Thus, there is virtually no mutual influence and each area works isolated and undisturbed for itself.

But who actually produces the sound in the FiiO FH5?

An entire quartet is responsible for the good sound. Consisting of three Knowles Balanced Armature drivers and a "classic" polymer nanocomposite driver. The bass is generated by a 10 mm polymer nanocomposite driver. The midtone is the responsibility of the Balanced Armature driver Knowles ED30262, the high-tone and ultra-high-tones each take over a Knowles 31082 driver, of course also as a balanced armature driver. This four-tensioned with its sensational tuning ensures the highest degree of sense of rhythm, transparency, accuracy and enthusiasm in the ear.

Listen to music the way you want it

Of course, the noble FiiO FH5 also has the intelligent MMCX connection. It is a comfortable, but high-quality plug-in connection, by means of which different cables can be used on the FH5. Whether you want to use a different cable to tune the sound to your liking, or simply rely on a cable with a different connector type, the FH5 makes it easy for you. Pull the cable with a slight pull on the plug and put on your desired cable with MMCX connection. Within seconds, the cable is replaced.

Also the wearing comfort was thought

With many other headphones, the cable simply hangs down on the headphones, thus contributing again to the perceived weight. Not so with FiiO FH5. There, the cable is passed over the ear, which not only relieves your ear of the weight, but also at the same time still ensures a comfortable, yet firm fit in the ear. Whether you're sitting relaxed on the sofa enjoying music or working out in the gym, the FH5 stays safe and sound.

High quality headphone cable included

Of course, the headphones can only produce what they get delivered by the player. And so that nothing goes wrong on the way from the player to the headphones, FiiO has also thought of the right headphone cable. The core is a high quality copper cable coated with monocrystalline 6N silver to ensure the highest levels of signal purity and freedom from distortion. For a long-lasting enjoyment of the cable, it was sealed in a sturdy yet flexible TPU jacket. By the way, you can still take a look at the beauty and purity of the cable. A not to be underestimated side aspect.

Also a lot of accessories

In addition to the high-quality headphone cable, the FiiO FH5 also comes with a lot of practical accessories. This includes a virtually indestructible plastic box, in which the headphones and accessories can be safely stored at any time. In addition, a practical carrying case and a whole set of different ear tips. There are then three ear tips in sizes S, M and L optimized for the lover of voices, three ear tips (S, M and L) for those who like it a bit "bassiger" like two ear tips (S and L) for those who want to hear absolutely neutral, and finally three sets of ear tips made of skin-friendly memory foam. This memory foam adjusts itself via the body heat automatically to the ear canal of the listener and ensures maximum comfort, throughout the day.

  • Model: FiiO FH5
  • Frequency range: 15 hz - 20 kHz
  • Efficiency: 112 dB / mW
  • Impedance: 19 Ω
  • Cable length: 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 8 grams per earphone
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm jack
  • 3x Ear-Tips (S / M / L) with voice-emphasis
  • 3x ear tips (S / M / L) with bass emphasis
  • 2x Ear-Tips (S / L) with neutral tuning
  • 3x Ear-Tips (M) made of skin-friendly memory foam
  • carry bag
  • plastic box
  • quick start Guide
  • cleaning brush
  • high-quality silver-plated copper cable with 120 cm length and 3.5 mm jack connection
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