HiFiMAN HE 400I 2020 Over Ear Headphones

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HiFiMAN HE 400I 2020 Over Ear Headphones

HifiMAN HE400i Ver. 2020 - Discover the new lightness

The HifiMAN HE400i 2020 in summary: The 2020 version has remained technically the same, but has been improved in one essential point: the headband! The HE400i is now even more comfortable to wear.

The highlights of the HifiMAN HE400i 2020 at a glance:
  • The perfect companion for every day - high efficiency of 93 dB
  • Magnetic Attraction - Planar Magnetic Driver Design
  • Tapered ear pads - noise isolation and temperature compensation
  • Optimized headband - nicer, lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Extremely changeable - easily swap headphone cables
Daily Business - Plays on the smartphone as well as on the headphone amplifier

The powerful, magnetically driven drivers enable a high level of efficiency of 93 decibels from one watt of supplied power. Together with its good-natured impedance of 35 Ω, the HifiMAN HE400i is again a real highlight in the 2020 version. And that both on the smartphone and on a high-quality headphone amplifier.
See for yourself.

Planar magnetic instead of dynamic - sound with attraction

Unlike most other headphones, the sound in the HifiMAN HE400i is also generated in the 2020 version according to the planar magnetic principle. This means that instead of a classic diaphragm and a voice coil that is immersed in a magnet, a thin foil with wires is used between a row of permanent magnets to generate sound.

Due to their larger drive, planar magnetic headphones have the advantage over their classically electrodynamically driven relatives that the efficiency is very high and, thanks to the extremely light film, the impulse fidelity and resolution are incredibly high.

All it takes is a little more space (i.e. a larger case) than most common headphones.

Tapered ear pads - hear comfortably and undisturbed

When you put on your headphones, this is the starting point for the “concert for yourself”. Relaxed or engaging, the music plays just for you. So that it stays that way, the ear cushions are bevelled so that they rest perfectly on the ear and shield from outside noise.
The ear pads themselves are made of soft and skin-friendly velor, covered with a durable layer of artificial leather. This guarantees first-class sound paired with the highest level of comfort.

Completely redesigned headband - now even lighter

The headband (i.e. the mechanical connection between the two ear cups from ear to ear) has been massively redesigned in the 2020 version of the HifiMAN HE400i. As a result, not only has the weight decreased, but the contact pressure on the ears is now much more comfortable and more even.
And the 2020 version of the HE400i also looks even better!

Maximum flexibility - changing headphone cables is easy

The HifiMAN HE400i Version 2020 comes with a 1.5 meter headphone cable. The cable is internally completely symmetrical made of monocrystalline copper with a silver coating and sheathed with a noble textile layer. Microphone effects (i.e. the annoying noise when the cable is rubbing or rubbing against items of clothing, for example) are a thing of the past.

And if you want more, you can simply replace the cable. The two ear cups of the headphones each have a 3.5 mm jack connector, to which any other headphone cable with a standard connector can be easily connected.

So: the choice is yours!

  • High quality magnetostatic over ear headphones
  • 30% lighter, also ideal for mobile use
  • Headband made of comfortable synthetic leather
  • Ear pads made of synthetic leather and velor
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 35kHz
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Impedance: 35 ohms
  • Weight: 370 grams
  • 1.5m exchangeable connection cable with 3.5mm jack
  • Color: Black
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